Inlaks Energy technical experts analyses the power quality and earthing system of our clients before installation of an inverter or solar power system to ensure that any operator or our client are safe when using the power system.

Most engineers view earthing mainly as a method to protect equipment from damage or malfunction. However, the most important element is operator safety. Proper earthing is a basic protection against AC line disturbances. This applies whether the source of the disturbance is lightning, power-system switching activities, or faults in the distribution network.

 Proper earthing is also a key element in preventing radio frequency interference in transmission or computer equipment. Moreover, power quality can be significantly degraded due to improper earthing. Implementing an effective ground network is not an easy task. It requires planning, quality components, and skilled installers. It is not inexpensive. However, proper earthing is an investment that will pay dividends for the life of the facility.