Installer Program

Become an invaluable partner with Inlaks Solar through our Installer Program.

The Inlaks Energy Installer Program is designed to equip you with all the tools needed to fuel your growth and obtain your share in the solar market.

With our competitive pricing, quality products and personalized sales services, every of our partner can edge out the competition!

We understand what it takes to succeed as a solar contractor.

We know you need the best prices.

We understand reliability and are committed to our delivery schedules.

We have warehouses in key locations across the country, stocked with industry leading solar components.

Our warehousing strategy, innovative financing options, and personalized sales services ensure you get value in being our business partner.



By becoming an Inlaks Energy Trained Installer, you would;

  • Be trained by the best Engineers in the field.
  • Represent one of the top performing brands in the solar market.
  • Benefit from a wide pool of referrals.
  • Access distributorship discounts.
  • Co-branded marketing opportunities.
  • Own branded training tools.
  • And more...


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