Solar Installation

Inlaks Energy team includes the solar industry’s top Photovoltaic (PV) system designers, engineers and technicians. Inlaks Energy team of solar professionals is primarily comprised of world-class instructors and technical solar energy experts from the industry’s leading solar training school – Inlaks Energy Academy. Our team has over 30 years of combined Power and solar industry experience. Inlaks Energy is experienced with solar PV system components from all major manufacturers as well as the latest diagnostic testing equipment to ensure your system is in top operating order and will provide decades of reliable clean solar energy.

Inlaks Energy provides expert Quality Assurance during every stage of the solar project development life cycle from concept to commissioning and beyond through operations and maintenance (O&M) services. We pride ourselves in offering the very best quality assurance (QA) and engineering services for the solar industry. Our consulting and design services include in-house licensed electrical and solar engineers and as follow-up services we offer QA inspections during construction, performance testing and commissioning services after construction. We also offer ongoing evaluation services of existing systems and troubleshooting of any kind. These services are offered across Africa in connection with the reach of the Inlaks Energy network.

Site Inspection and Load Estimation

Our technical team will work with you to determine what kind of solar power system you need, depending on your load, usage conditions, priority appliances and budget. If required, we can arrange for a site inspection and load estimation, which will help you to better determine the kind of power solution you need.

Delivery and Installation

We provide delivery services and also recommend that you always use an Inlaks Energy approved installer for your installation. Our installers will help you understand how the solar power system works, and under what conditions it should operate. There are certain guidelines such as which appliances should not be used with solar power system based on your choices, as well as certain tips to ensure that your inverter and batteries last longer. Our installers will help you understand these, so that you can get the most out of your purchase. 

Performance verification and Commissioning

Performance verification

Performance verification is the process of inspecting the system prior to start-up or any time after commissioning to verify its operating characteristics and correlate them with expected results.

To secure final funding.

As a basis of warranty claims.

To provide a baseline, useful for future comparisons and troubleshooting.

To determine degradation over time.


Inlaks energy provides third-party commissioning services on a variety of levels.  We can also analyse contractor documentation for accuracy, completeness, and find anomalies that may be present.

Final commissioning and documentation

Performance testing of system

Third-party inspections & review of construction contractor documentation

Service and Support

Inlaks Energy has trained service engineers who are situated across every states in Nigeria, Ghana and East Africa. We are always available to provide support to your solar power system, and suggest ways in which you can better manage your energy sources and consumption – to save you money and ensure that you get power when you need it most.