Basic Information
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Living situation
What state in Nigeria do you live in?
Do you own the house you live in?
How many bedrooms are there in your house?
On average, how many hours of electricity do you get from PHCN per day
What type of meter do you have ?

What generator size (in kVA) do you have?

If you don't own a generator, please leave blank. If you own more than one generator, enter information for the one you use most often. For some idea here, "I better pass my neighbour" generators are usually 0.6 - 0.9kVA.

Do you share a generator with your neighbourhood/estate?
Which of the following appliances do you power with your generator ?

Do you own an inverter ?
What brand of inverter do you have ?
What size in KVA is your inverter ?
For how long have you been using the inverter?
How many hours do you need the inverter to run in a day ?